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Happy Hands PreSchool is open in Leyland up to 38 weeks each year.

We provide care and education for children from 2 years to school age.

We are open from 9.15 am – 12:15 pm Monday – Friday, during school term times.

Autumn Term – We still have some places available

HOLIDAYS 2017 – 2018



Half Term


Half Term


May Day

Half Term


Playgroup Closes On

Fri 21 July 2017

Fri 27 Oct 2017

Tues 19 Dec 2017

Fri 9 Feb 2018

Fri 23 Mar 2018

Fri 4 May 2018

Fri 25 May 2018

Wed 18 July 2018

Playgroup Opens On

Thurs 7 Sep 2017

Mon 6 Nov 2017

Mon 8 Jan 2018

Mon 19 Feb 2018

Mon 9 April 2018

Tues 8 May 2018

Mon 4 June 2018

Thu 6 Sep 2018


Children are entitled to receive 15 hours of funding (FEYE) from the term following their 3rd birthday.

We can also accept 2 year old funding (FEYE).

This can be used to cover 5 x 3 hour sessions or it can be used flexibly to include lunch times. If children attend more than 15 hours each week the additional hours will cost £4.50 per hour.

If your child is under 3, the fee will also be £4.50 per hour.

This means that a 3 hour session will cost £13.50.

Kiddi-Vouchers_smlFees are payable daily, weekly or monthly and must be paid in advance. We are registered with KiddiVouchers, whose vouchers can be used for fee payments.

If a child is absent for more than 2 weeks without prior notification, for the sake of fairness, their place will be given to the next child in line on our reserve list.

If your child is going to be absent for some reason please discuss this with the manager.


LCC Local Offer Doc 9 14


Please click on the image to your right to see details of Happy Hands local offer under Lancashire County Council’s SEND protocol.

You can also visit the Lancashire County Council web page in this topic here



To obtain an application form, please click here.



What age do you take children from?

We are registered to take children from 2 years old. We recommend that you start them with one or two sessions, though you can have more if you think your child is ready.

How much will it cost?

For children under 3 please see Opening Times and Fees above. We are registered for Nursery Grant funding. This funding is available for all children in the term after their third birthday for up to 15 hours per week which is the equivalent of 5 mornings of 3 hours.

Does my child have to be toilet trained before they start?

Not at all, we accept children in nappies. We have a nappy changing station. We like you to bring a bag with nappy, wipes and nappy sack. We will consult you over toilet training in order to mirror your child’s routine at home. back to menu

What if my child cries?

Many children are distressed when leaving their parent/carer. We do not believe in letting children cry. If your child is distressed we will offer comfort and distraction to help them settle. If they become inconsolable we will ring you and ask you to come into Playgroup. We will work with you on strategies to help them. We believe that you should be sensitive to the needs of each child. Children who settle at their own pace are more confident in the long run.

What will my child eat and drink at Playgroup?

We offer children a choice of milk or water and a healthy snack such as cereal, fruit or toast at Snack Time. Water is available at all times during the session. At lunchtime we provide water to drink and the children bring a packed lunch according to guidelines we will give you.

What if my child is allergic?

When you register we will discuss any allergies or other medical issues. We will provide food and drink in keeping with any allergies. If the allergy is severe we will develop strategies to deal with the situation in consultation with your normal practice.

How many qualified staff do you have?

See our Meet the Staff page for details.

All five members of staff are qualified. We operate a staff: child ratio of 1:5 for over 3s and 1:4 for under 3s. This is a higher than usual ratio which we feel meets children’s needs better.



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Lancs County Council Early Years Child Protection

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Behaviour & Equipment Rules

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