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JT June 2012Chris Lusby of Jungle Trex came to Happy Hands on Thursday May 5th and we went on an amazing adventure.

Chris is a trained actor, animal lover and a gifted storyteller. He took us on a journey to the Amazon rainforest with songs, actions and, of course, animals.

We met huge snails, a tarantula, some lovely cockroaches, a tortoise, a snake called Lionel Blair…and a ferret!

The children were enthralled. They all had the opportunity to handle the animals, if they wished. They enjoyed the stories and joined with actions and songs with gusto. Chris kept their attention for the full hour and among all the fun and games told them lots of interesting facts about animals, the environment and conservation.

SNAKE_smlWe had 20 children from Playgroup and were also joined by some of the parents and children from Chatterbox.
We can thoroughly recommend Jungle Trek, you can check them out on their website www.jungletrex.co.uk