happy_mum_leyland_preschool“My daughter started back in May and has come on leaps and bounds since starting at Happy Hands and has gained confidence and made lots of new friends. She was unsure at first but the staff did an amazing job in those first two weeks in helping her settle in. My daughter is registered disabled and has special dietary needs and lots of regular medication so needed a place I could really trust. Plus points as well they accept the vouchers for 3 year old funding. They take from age 2. My daughter is always telling me about all the fun activities she does from painting to play dough and playing outside and much more.”

“Excellent playgroup run by wonderful, caring staff. My children have flourished from their time here.”

“My son went to Happy Hands from age 2 to age 5. He has a lot of learning difficulties and with the help of the wonderful staff at Happy Hands he is now in school; a very happy boy and getting all the help he needs. The staff are very friendly and it’s a lovely welcoming preschool playgroup.”

“I like the wide variety of activities that are offered and the way ****** enjoys ***self and learns new things and *** interaction with other adults and children.”

“Very friendly staff and a good amount of staff enabling one to one teaching with the children.”

“***** loved playgroup, had a lot of one to one with teachers, that’s why *** is doing so well at school, had a good start at playgroup, hope ******* is as happy.”

“I like the staff and the activities they do with the children. I also like how they keep the children safe.”

“Friendly staff always give a nice welcome”

“Staff very helpful and friendly. Playroom very spacious and light. Good selection of toys.”

“We love everything about playgroup. The staff are excellent and the playgroup is a very safe environment. Our child has grown in confidence and is very happy and progressed well in all areas and we are sure this is all because of playgroup.”

Happy Hands Pre-School will be delighted to welcome any child to its Leyland playgroup.